Picking & Packing

Due to our long-lasting professional experience we can guarantee our customers an individual, ecological and economical packaging. When picking and packing is a concern, we place high values on packaging materials to be planned as economically as possible, the goods to be maximally protected and also the disposal for our clients to be as easy as possible. Our pack-size packaging machine permits the "packaging on demand", a highly individualized and cost-efficient packaging.

Efficient area planning of the 2,400 sqm helps to shorten picking routes and to ensure a separation of the individual customer projects.

In addition, our logistics specialists use a specially developed software that enables a transparent documentation and traceability of the shipment and provides all necessary information of the process to our customers.


Also in shipping, we cope with the latest requirements and legal regulations.

Our concern here is again to identify the most cost-effective and ecological way to the recipient – even to the most outlying places in the world.

We rely on all kinds of traffic carriers and work exclusively with AEO-/ISO-certified service providers who have a worldwide network.

According to our clients‘ wishes, we prepare all necessary documents and take over the tasks of customs formalities in the recipient country.