• T. C. Johnson

    T. C. Johnson

    Project Management

    'The whole trick is to have your eyes on every single process within a project and constantly have the client and all his needs and wishes on focus.'




    'Bringing together individuality and functionality - this is what turns tasks into exciting challenges.'

  • S. Hundt

    S. Hundt

    Advertising Technology

    'The truly great thing is to deal with fascinating technology every day.'

  • W. Talanow

    W. Talanow

    Metal Technology

    'Heavy Metal says it all. Our metal brake brings the pressure of whole 160 tons - even AC/DC would look weak next to it.'

  • B. Ademaj

    B. Ademaj

    Human Resources

    'The expertise of each individual and the entire workforce should be actively promoted and animated by training.This should also increase innovation and creativity of employees.'