CNC and Wood Technology

The ultra-modern CNC machine centre with a workspace of 2,100 x 4,200 mm is the heart of the LIGAPRODUCTION machinery park. The CNC nesting machine primarily processes different wooden materials besides acrylic glass and other plastics as well as aluminum bond materials.

Folding-processing by V-cutting technology is one top expertise of our CNC specialists; such as CNC processing in pendulum mode for highest series output.

Advertising Technology

In our advertising technology we manufacture UV-prints, digital prints and foil plots as samples or series with our modern machinery.

For example, our UV direct printer offers an outstanding diversity in terms of sizes, materials and quality standards. Moreover, our laser cutting machine enables us to offer highly-efficient and filigree productions such as cutouts.

Besides the offering of attractive and individual shop-window letterings, instore letterings or event letterings of course entire vehicle laminations are also part of the professional repertoire of our inhouse-specialists.

Varnishing Technology

The varnishing technology area disposes of a modern paint booth with special filter technology and heat recovery for lacquer, glaze and stain works of any kinds. With the attached 50 sqm drying plant and its lateral shifting for the transport of bulks we are fully prepared for both high-quality individual pieces and large series.

Our computer-controlled paint mixing system hereby guarantees varnishing in any desired colour shade.

Metal Technology

From unique custom-made items to large series, our metal technology offers processing of aluminum, stainless steel, steel as well as further ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Besides, the processing of profiles especially sawing works are part of the metal technology portfolio.

Moreover, our daily business includes profile cuttings for stainless steel using the high performance chop saw as well as cuttings of sheets of all kinds. To bend aluminum, stainless steel and steel there is a CNC bending machine available for our specialists.

Plastics Technology

The specialists in our plastics technology unit form most diverse plastics to individual masterpieces.

The plastics technology’s portfolio not only comprises cutting processing, but also thermoforming of thermoplastics, clogging of different techniques and diamond polishing of acrylic glass. Even flame polishing with hydrogen presents no problem for our plastics experts.

Electrical Engineering

LED technology as well as the development of complex controlling of BUS technology is covered inhouse by our specialists.

As a certified business we ensure that all electrical products are fully checked and verified. For this purpose, different certified testing and measuring instruments are provided.